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Michael Yeung

I am an artist based in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy working in many different mediums. I have been in love with art from a young age and have honed my skills over the years to produce works ranging from custom motorcycles and chainsaw carvings to modern sculpture and paintings.

Working with metal, wood, plaster, and many other salvaged and reclaimed materials, I create pieces that are not only beautiful to look at but are often times functional. Utilizing methods and techniques like airbrushing, painting, welding and carving, I combine multiple materials and techniques in innovative ways to create truly one of a kind pieces.

Creating with reckless abandon, my artwork speaks loud without limits. Working primarily with salvaged and reclaimed materials, finding hidden beauty in objects that typically would be disposed of, I have produced art that has no bounds or categories.

My experience with numerous fabrication methods and the inspiration to see potential in anything that could be used to create art, these pieces create themselves as I meld different mediums, colors, and textures together. Designing without boundaries or rules has allowed me to create truly one of a kind pieces.

I have also have had the privilege of spending the last 30 years in the sign industry and have experience in every aspect from concept to finished product. 

WenatcheeOwlCarving 096.JPG
wenatchee wolf 042.JPG
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